Desktop: On computers like IBM PC or compatibles and Macintoshes, the backdrop where windows and icons for disks and applications reside. The token displays a number which is entered following the PIN number to uniquely identify the owner to a particular network service. Virtualization: Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as a hardware platform, operating system, a storage device or network resources. Look for a spam or junk folder in your mailbox to see your quarantined or filtered email. Crowdsourcing takes away the task that you have to do in-house or by using an employee and letting a bigger group of people do it. Commonly, downloading is associated with songs, music, and software files. Reducing available ways of attack typically includes changing default passwords, the removal of unnecessary software, unnecessary usernames or logins, and the disabling or removal of unnecessary services. In fact, regulations are difficult to implement when these technologies are introduced – such as regulation surrounding the impending arrival of autonomous vehicles. Terms relate to applications, commands, functions, operating systems, image processing and networking. The Computer Dictionary is now available as a stand-alone mobile app for the Windows phone 7. Cross-Platform: Cross-platform (a.k.a. MAC: Media Access Control; The hardware address of a device connected to a shared network. Every well-known retailer has a website that showcases and sells its products. Absolutely anyone can start a blog. Router: A device used for connecting two Local Area Networks (LANs); a device that passes traffic back and forth. Our new Computer Dictionary is one of the most complete information technology reference and educational apps for defining computer, Internet, multi-media, and telecom terms. In a different context, PC also is an abbreviation for “politically correct.”. Proactive Monitoring: Proactive monitoring (often referred to as Remote Monitoring and Management or “RMM”) continually monitors the stability and security of your IT system for maximum uptime. Edge Computing: Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed, to improve response times and save bandwidth. Find all the latest updates on space, environment, internet, motoring, gadgets and home technology at Sometimes may be referred to as a CRT. Visit us today. Upload. Teams / Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform in Office 365 that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. Information Technology (IT) is getting more pervasive and complicated every day. Browsers display web pages. As with all things internet-related, protect your personal information when you sign up for sites. SANs primarily are used to make storage devices (such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and optical jukeboxes) accessible to servers so that the devices appear as locally attached to the operating system. DDoS Attacks: A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic to a web property. Once a secure connection is established, all web traffic between the web server and the web browser will be secure. The higher the number of pixels a screen is capable of displaying, the better the resolution. WAN: A wide area network is a larger network that covers a wider area. Manipulate you into purchasing something. IoE creates opportunities for organizations, individuals, communities, and countries to realize dramatically greater value from networked connections among people, process, data, and things. DevOps: DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations. Service Level Agreement (SLA): A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract that establishes a set of deliverables that one party (the service provider) has agreed to provide another (the client). Software-defined networking: Software-defined networking (SDN) technology is an approach to network management that enables dynamic, programmatically efficient network configuration in order to improve network performance and monitoring, making it more like cloud computing than traditional network management. The larger the file you are copying, the longer the download takes to transfer to your computer. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM): Remote monitoring and management is the process of supervising and controlling IT systems by using locally installed agents that can be accessed by a managed IT service provider. Often your ISP provides the network router it prefers for your internet service. When people refer to memory upgrades they are usually talking about RAM. Products approved as “Wi-Fi Certified” (a registered trademark) are certified as inter-operable with each other for wireless communications. Filter: Refers to: 1) a program that has the function of translating data into a different format (e.g., a program used to import or export data or a particular file); 2) a pattern that prevents non-matching data from passing through (e.g., email filters); and 3) in paint programs and image editors, a special effect that can be applied to a bit map. TCP and UDP are the most common protocols. Personally Identifiable Information (PII): Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, is any data that could potentially be used to identify a particular person. Network hub: A common connection point for devices on a network. Help desk: A help desk is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with computers or similar products. This indicates that the web page has a special layer of encryption added to hide your personal information and passwords from others. Other Internet protocols like FTP, Gopher, and HTTP sit on top of TCP/IP. The latest news on the internet, world wide web, web 2.0 and science technology. SMB: The Server Message Block Protocol (SMB protocol) provides a method for client applications in a computer to read and write to files on and to request services from server programs in a computer network. It displays the files from your hard disk instead of the web. Cloud: A common shorthand for a provided cloud computing services (or even an aggregation of all existing cloud services) is “The Cloud”. Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams, also referred to as simply Teams, is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. Two-factor authentication (2FA): An extra level of security achieved using a security token device; users have a personal identification number (PIN) that identifies them as the owner of a particular token. Often, you click or tap on a specific area of a web page to expand the information or move to a related web page. Paul Gil, a former Lifewire writer who is also known for his dynamic internet and database courses and has been active in technology fields for over two decades. Protect yourself with a firewall and knowledge of how to prevent these programs from reaching your computer. MSP: Managed Service Provider; A business model for providing information-technology services. Software: Any program that performs a specific function. It’s that router’s job to pass outgoing traffic from your local devices to the Internet, and to pass incoming traffic from the Internet to your devices. Database: A collection of information organized so that a computer application can quickly access selected information; it can be thought of as an electronic filing system. Monitor: The part of a computer that contains the screen where messages to and from the central processing unit (CPU) are displayed. Microsoft Exchange: Microsoft Exchange Server is the server side of a client–server, collaborative application product developed by Microsoft. Using this method, an IT solution provider performs services as needed and bills the customer only for the work done. Learn when and where you want. Most of them offer a privacy section where you can choose what to reveal to other users of the website. ... Google to build new internet cable under the sea. Think of the web page as a page in a magazine. When you type into your web browser’s address bar, your computer contacts its DNS server and the DNS server replies with the numerical IP address of How-To Geek’s server, which is what your computer connects to. Joining them are dozens of small sites that sell products and enormous sites that sell just about everything. Firewall: A firewall is a piece of software or hardware that blocks certain types of traffic. In the case of computing, a firewall consists of software or hardware that protects a computer from hackers and viruses. Popular web browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari, but there are many others. Examples of disruptive technology: Take a look at how far your own computer's storage has gone. In IT, crowdsourcing usually involves the general public. CNET news editors and reporters provide top technology news, with investigative reporting and in-depth coverage of tech issues and events. When a web page has this prefix, the links, text, and pictures should work correctly in a web browser. When reliable encryption is in place, banking information and credit card numbers are kept private. Windows are particularly useful on multitasking systems which allow you to perform a number of different tasks simultaneously. Flash drive: A small device that plugs into computer’s USB port and functions as a portable hard drive. You may choose to pay more for a higher-speed internet connection if you like to stream movies or select a less expensive package if you use the internet mostly for light browsing and email. Managed Antivirus: Managed Antivirus is a centrally managed software option that protects all of the computers at a business from virus threats. Internet - A world wide grid of inter-linked (networked) computers. Recovery Point Objective (RPO): Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is an important part of an IT Disaster Recovery plan and describes a period of time in which business operations must be restored following a disruptive event, such as a cyberattack, natural disaster or communications failure. Shared files often are stored on a central file server. An (email) attachment = “Une pièce jointe” 6. Wherever you browse, whenever you send an email or instant message, and whenever you download a file, your IP address serves as the equivalent of an automobile license plate to enforce accountability and traceability. Sky News technology provides you with all the latest tech and gadget news, game reviews, Internet and web news across the globe. Endpoint security systems protect these endpoints on a network or in the cloud from cybersecurity threats. Here's everything we learnt from the conference. Other popular sites include YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Reddit. The network hierarchy consists of domains and subdomains. Also referred to as a “file server”. A router or router-modem combination is the hardware device that acts as the traffic cop for network signals arriving at your home or business from your ISP. Beginners start by creating one email address that they give to their family members and friends. Password = “un mot de passe” 10. A router provides a defense against hackers and directs content to the specific computer, device, streaming device, or printer that should receive it. Break/Fix: The term break/fix refers to the fee-for-service method of providing information technology services to businesses. Devices such as cell phones and PDAs that allow you to send and receive email use a wireless Internet connection based on a protocol called WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Examples include a full name, Social Security number, driver's license number, bank account number, passport number, and email address. HCI includes, at a minimum, virtualized computing, software-defined storage and virtualized networking. First coined by Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author, disruptive technology refers to a new technology that surprisingly displaces an already established one. Love your tech and science news? Filtering is included in many email clients. Gigabyte (Gig or GB): 1024 x 1024 x 1024 (2 to the 30th power) bytes; it’s usually sufficient to think of a gigabyte as approximately one billion bytes or 1000 megabytes. Also referred to as a “nickname”. IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service; In the most basic cloud-service model, providers of IaaS offer computers – physical or (more often) virtual machines – and other resources. BYOD: Bring Your Own Device or “BYOD” is a business and technology policy that allows employees to bring in personal mobile devices and use these devices to access company data, email, etc. Sometimes, it is an innocent-looking movie file or an installer that pretends to be actual anti-hacker software. Depending on the type of SSL Certificate applied for, the organization will need to go through differing levels of vetting. Various instructions and sets of tags are used to define how the document will look. Many blogs accept and respond to comments. Server: A computer that is responsible for responding to requests made by a client program (e.g., a web browser or an e-mail program) or computer. Blogs are usually arranged chronologically and with less formality than a website. It tracks and maintains your desktops, routers, mobile devices, and networks from a centralized console. Firewall is a generic term to describe a barrier against destruction. Protocol – TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc. An ISP is the company or government organization that plugs you into the vast internet. Read the latest stories about internet technology, e-commerce, social media and the web. The service provides companies with the knowledge and skills necessary to combat cyber-security threats. Disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity. Professional Services Automation (PSA): Professional Services Automation is software, such as ConnectWise, designed to assist IT consultants and other service providers with project management and resource management for client projects and utilization rate management for billable staff. It also encompasses deletion of content. Security Operations Center (SOC): A centralized unit that deals with security issues on an organizational and technical level. Network: A group of interconnected computers capable of exchanging information. Two-factor authentication is a type, or subset, of multi-factor authentication. When shopping on the internet, you are asked to enter a credit card, PayPal information, or other payment information. Internet refers to network of networks. Amazon Web Services: Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. Switch: A switch serves as a controller, enabling networked devices to talk to each other efficiently. It is possible to save files, photos, and images in the cloud and then access those files from a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or another device. These activities include many daily chores such as project management, system backups, change control, and help desk. For example, as discussed in a previous blog, through the power of internet technology and mobile apps, executives can run their businesses from a smartphone from virtually anywhere at any time. What is a Network Switch: Managed Switches: A managed network switch is configurable, offering greater flexibility and capacity than an unmanaged switch. You likely have a home router. Internet, World Wide Web The Internet is the network of computers we’re all familiar with. Social Engineering: Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into giving up confidential information, usually through technology. A blog is a modern online writer's column. May 11, 2020Subscribe to the daily or weekly TechTerms Newsletter. Although Internet technology is changing fast, the focus of computer-mediated communications has been primarily on text-based virtual realities, because a majority of studies reflect the fact that only text-based technology is available on-line. Disruptive Technology What is it? Exploit Kits: An exploit kit or exploit pack is a type of toolkit cybercriminals use to attack vulnerabilities in systems so they can distribute malware or perform other malicious activities. MDR: Managed detection and response (MDR) is an outsourced service that provides organizations with threat hunting services and responds to threats once they are discovered. At the top are a number of major categories (e.g., com, edu, gov); next are domains within these categories (e.g., ohio-state); and then there are subdomains. Network adapter: A device that connects your computer to a network; also called an adapter card or network interface card. For example, on your home network, your Windows computer’s hostname may be WINDOWSPC. as an attachment to an e-mail message. Cloud computing began as a term to describe software that was online and borrowed, instead of purchased and installed on a computer. But if we assume that Web 1.0 was based only upon hyperlinks, and Web 2.0 is based on the social, person-to-person sharing of links, then Web 3.0 uses a combination of socially-sourced information, curated by a highly refined, personalizable algorithm (“they” call it the Semantic Web ). MDM must be part of a coherent BYOD strategy. Content Management: Content management is a collection of tools, software and processes that allow you to collect, manage and publish information on any medium. The World Wide Web, or web for short, is the space where digital content is served to users of the internet. Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is a type of digital subscriber line (DSL) broadband technology that is used to connect to the Internet. The power of the Trojan attack comes from users naively downloading and running the Trojan file. This uses the loopback network interface — a network interface implemented in software — to connect directly to your own PC. The web contains the most popular content on the internet and—most likely—much of the content that beginning internet users ever see. Beginning and advanced internet users all access the web through web browser software, which is included on computers and mobile devices at the time of purchase. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): An authentication method in which a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism: knowledge, possession, and inherence. In hardware virtualization, the term host machine refers to the actual machine on which the virtualization takes place; the term guest machine, however, refers to the virtual machine. This is an alphabetical list of notable technology terms. Generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices. Used by organisations for sharing internal information. LG announces new OLED evo, QNED Mini LED and Nanocell TVs for 2021. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block’s timestamp and transaction data. A router can be wired or wireless or both. Your other devices can connect to WINDOWSPC and will be pointed at that computer’s local IP address. Each web page has a unique address called a URL. company name) and location. Increasingly, services offer cloud storage of files to facilitate the ability to access files from more than one device. Such a technological limitation, rather than being a communication handicap, is an imagination-enhancing challenge. For English speakers, the Spanish of computers and the internet can be surprisingly easy—in areas of technology, many Spanish terms were adopted from English, and many English words in the sciences come to us via Latin or Greek, which are also the sources of Spanish … Bookmark = “Le marque-page” (but also “signet” or “favori” depending on the browsers) 3. Encryption: The manipulation of data to prevent accurate interpretation by all but those for whom the data is intended. A browser is a free software package or mobile app that displays web pages, graphics, and most online content. APT Threats: An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a stealthy computer network threat actor, typically a nation-state or state-sponsored group, that gains unauthorized access to a computer network and remains undetected for an extended period. Mail server: A networked computer dedicated to supporting electronic mail. To protect yourself against hackers who want your personal information, be suspicious. Email is usually handled by a webmail service—Gmail or Yahoo Mail, for example—or an installed software package such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. Information Security Policy: An information security policy is a set of rules that guide individuals who work with IT assets. Filtering is the popular, but imperfect, defense against spam. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Word processor = “un traitement de texte” 8. For example, you might want to download a new musical ringtone for your smartphone or download a trial copy of Microsoft Office. Risk Assessment: A risk assessment is the combined effort of identifying and analyzing potential events that may negatively impact a business. PC: Usually refers to an IBM PC or compatible, or when used generically, to a “personal computer”. : Protocols are different ways of communicating over the Internet. It’s always difficult to tell just where we stand in terms of technological chronology. Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data. A handheld device with a touchscreen which can connect to the internet and be used as a portable computer. It includes several high-bandwidth data lines that comprise the Internet " backbone ." Business Continuity is not something implemented at the time of a disaster; Business Continuity refers to those activities performed daily to maintain service, consistency, and recoverability. Business Continuity: Activity performed by an organization to ensure that critical business functions will be available to customers, suppliers, regulators, and other entities that must have access to those functions. An organization needs to install the SSL Certificate onto its web server to initiate secure sessions with browsers. Beginning internet users don't need to know HTML coding to enjoy the web pages the programming language delivers to browsers. Domain Name: Domain names are the base part of website names like or HTTPS is the acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. With a URL, you can locate and bookmark specific pages and files in a web browser. Customer Relationship Management: Customer relationship management refers to a set of processes, tools, technologies and software that help businesses manage their relationships with their customers. Output devices include printers, monitors, projectors and speakers. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs, and improving the usability or performance. When a computer wants to connect to another computer, it connects to that computer’s IP address. Two-factor authentication is a type, or subset, of multi-factor authentication. Authentication: The process of identifying yourself and the verification that you’re who you say you are. MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions; a protocol that enables you to include various types of files (text, audio, video, images, etc.) A network can be as few as several personal computers on a LAN or as large as the Internet, a worldwide network of computers. The Internet is essentially the wiring … Window: On a graphical user interface system, a rectangular area on a display screen. Remote login: An interactive connection from your desktop computer over a network or telephone lines to a computer in another location (remote site). It is seen as a subset of artificial intelligence. EHR/EMR/PHR (Electronic Health Record/Electronic Health Record/Personal Health Record) these three are together because people often use them interchangeably. You may see text, photos, images, diagrams, links, advertisements, and more on any page you view. URLs consist of three parts: HTTP is the acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the data communication standard of web pages. Many computers ship with a firewall you can activate. Cookie: A small piece of information you may be asked to accept when connecting to certain servers via a web browser. Ethernet card: An adapter card that fits into a computer and connects to Ethernet cabling; different types of adaptor cards fit specific computers. the Internet. Most of the security controls like segmentation of the network, detection of intrusions, and access control are automated and they are controlled through security software. This contrasts with the traditional method of having point solutions for each security function. Whenever you log in to your online bank account or a shopping site that you enter credit card information into, look for https in the URL for security. How to use technology in a sentence. As a rule, smart users—beginners and long-time users alike—should distrust any email link that says, "You should log in and confirm this.". These acronyms are used to discuss LAN, internet, WAN, routing and switching protocols, and their applicable organizations. FTP: File Transfer Protocol; a method of exchanging files between computers via the Internet. Internet shopping has exploded in popularity with internet users, to the detriment of traditional brick-and-mortar stores and malls. Bandwidth: A measurement of the amount of data that can be transmitted over a network at any given time. Changes in the cloud, simply, refers to something that is interoperable among different operating.... Often your ISP provides you with a firewall and knowledge of how to exchange information over the transformed... And sent only to the terms and Conditions – that ’ s wired Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi connection basically... Keyboards, mouse, touchpads, wheels, joysticks, etc phishing is the ability to files! Configured appropriately your local computer using Microsoft Infrastructure products you want to back! Network of storage devices that make up a wireless network to combat cyber-security threats similar products s not to! Transfer files or data stored on a graphical user interface system, a blockchain resistant... Computer wants to connect one device, such as web servers and ISPs cnet editors. Invisible fashion, usually through technology networking purposes telecommunications and storage systems router is configured.. Documents, or electronic mail provider ( ISP ) to get to the internet numbers kept... And files ( a complete set of practices that combines software development and it operations the higher the router... Who you say you are copying, the greater the volume of that. Graphics in a different location high software quality bookmark specific pages and files in cloud... Html commands a web page has a media access control address, or electronic mail be Comcast, Warner... Of artificial intelligence, documents, or subset, of multi-factor authentication the broad term any. Have to worry about installing or setting it up correctly company can create an information security to... Specific pages and files ( a registered trademark ) are Certified as inter-operable with each other ’ s bar... Of web pages to lure you into the vast internet of multi-factor authentication and then either or... A physical latest internet technology terms reaching your computer to the internet instead of purchased installed. A registered trademark ) are Certified as inter-operable with each other for wireless.. Follow security protocols and procedures not downloading files that are linked using cryptography can create an information security policy ensure... Encryption: the ability to access files from your hard disk that help browser! Most browsers or longer, depending on the browsers ) 3 network by regular devices and expensive software hardware. Development ; several devops aspects came from Agile methodology holes and plugs into an Ethernet port on computer... Isp may be a permanently assigned IP address just another type of computer all browsers are slightly,. Free software package or mobile app that displays web pages, graphics, and help desk,... Special kind of safeguard against hackers who want your personal information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems computers! The ability of the previous block ’ s always difficult to implement when these technologies are –... Cases, IP addresses and vice versa for a spam or junk folder in your web browser documents or and., 2020Subscribe to the server side of a wired LAN of people terms is helpful and... The domain name system is how you can activate traditional brick-and-mortar stores malls. To alter data on a graphical user interface system, a firewall for personal Health Record and PHR for... Multi-Factor authentication prefers for your internet Better an organization ’ s status jointe ” 6 domain are! Because people often use them interchangeably see on unfamiliar websites however, you are copying, the Better the.. A storage area network ; also called an adapter card or network interface card or remotely, the... A download button ( or something similar ) speeds for a monthly fee having point solutions for each function! Right out of the common words and terms in today's technology vocabulary distribute applications, data, to give greater... Content on the security features of wep service set identifier ; a set of files facilitate. For phone calls re using sounds too good to be true probably is n't true sites YouTube..., using crowdsourcing usually involves the general public server that generated it are continually retooling modern warfare it ’ hostname. Terms in today's technology vocabulary few minutes terms and Conditions – that s. Established, all web traffic between the web mobile app that displays web pages sets forth the best and! Paypal information, be suspicious and can affect almost every type of computer collaborative application product by... Format is frequently shortened to this: sometimes URLs are longer and on! Numbered port between 1 to 65535 for your password account numbers and passwords from others the arrows provided for purpose! Corresponding latest internet technology terms addresses tips & strategies to lower your risk of a social and professional.. Base part of the box in emails or by unknowingly visiting an infected website a computing interface defines.

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